Blood Warmers are designed to warm the blood at the pulse points your body so the blood is pre-warmed before moving into your hands where it can be of most use and, most importantly, felt. Instead of warming the hands directly where the blood leaves the hands returning to the body taking the heat with it. Blood Warmers warm the blood at the pulse points before going into the hands. The heat is transferred to the blood at the pulse points and be felt by the user were they want it most, in the hands. 

Blood Warmers help to keep your hands warm and maintain their dexterity by not needing bulky glove materials that interfere with your ability to work with small detailed objects or in tight spaces. Blood Warmers attach at the inner wrist with elastic wraps secured with Velcro, and hold a heat packet against your body's natural pulse points where the blood flow is closest to the skin surface. This transfers the heat from the heat pack to the blood flow on it's way to your fingers. Blood Warmers are designed to be used by mechanics, repairmen, police, fire personnel, outdoor, and extreme sports, hunters, fishermen, and enthusiasts of all kind, as well as those with poor circulation due to age or medical condition. Blood Warmers will only work as well as the heat pack that is inserted in them. We cannot endorse nor recommend any one brand of heat generating insert. Grab your favorite hand warmer and a pair of Blood Warmers to improve your outdoor sports supply, then enjoy the outdoors.

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​Tired of having to choose between warm hands and working with my hands in cold conditions, I decided it was time for a change. I designed Blood Warmers to pre-warm the blood at the body's natural pulse points.
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​We provide a product that holds an external heat source on the bodies pulse points to pre-warm the blood before going into the extremities. The holder is reusable over and over, however depending on the heat source used the heat source may only be used a single time.
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"I love them, When im out workin on trucks in the winter they keep my hands warm."
Scott, West Haven, UT

"My mother loves them. Shes hasn't had warm hands for ten years untill now. Even her Dr is asking about them."
Rocky, Roy, UT

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