​I noticed that when I was working in the garage or hunting I needed my hands to accomplish specific tasks that required my dexterity without gloves but I also needed my hands to be warm. It was hard to accomplish both with gloves. Gloves reduced the dexterity I needed to work and made my hands too bulky to fit into tight spots, but the weather and temperature I was in required thick gloves to try to keep warm. The problem was that even with the bulky gloves and heat inserts my hands were still often times cold, and without the dexterity I needed I could not work or hunt effectively. 

Tired of having to choose between warm hands and working with my hands in cold conditions, I decided it was time for a change. I designed Blood Warmers to pre-warm the blood at the body's natural pulse points. Pulse points are the places on your body where your blood flows close to the skin surface and where you can feel your pulse. By warming the blood at these points the blood carries the warmth into the extremities were it was needed, and keep the dexterity needed to work and play.

Blood Warmers make great additions to your emergency services supply and also to your outdoor sports supply. Call us today to learn more about this amazing product.

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