​We provide a product that holds an external heat source on the bodies pulse points to pre-warm the blood before going into the extremities. The holder is reusable over and over, however depending on the heat source used the heat source may only be used a single time. The holder is available in multiple colors for the particular user preference and need. Blood Warmers are made from 2.5 inch knitted elastic material, and a soft pocket of heat transferable fabric allowing the heat to transfer to the bodies pulse points. The material is breathable and washable. The pocket which holds the heat source is held next to the skin by the elastic material for comfort and to let the heat transfer through to the pulse point on the body. You are not required to use any single make of heat source the pocket can hold any heat source whose size fits within the pocket. Blood Warmers can also be customized by your organization with logos or names, just take care to not close off or go through the holding pocket with embroidery, glues, or paint.

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FAQs about Blood Warmers


Q. What colors do Blood Warmers come in? 

A. Blood Warmers are available in many colors suitable for hunting, outdoor sports, emergency services, etc. Colors: black, navy blue, coyote, olive drab, hunter orange, red, yellow, camouflage. 

Q. Can these be used by people with medically related poor circulation who do not work outdoors? 

A. Yes - While not currently medically endorsed. We do currently have customers with poor circulation caused by medical conditions, who report improved feeling of warmth in their hands from using our product. 

Q. Are you part of or affiliated with HotHands®?

A. No we are not part of HotHands®. We are a separate supplier of personal warming products. However, our BloodWarmers can use HotHands® hand warmers as the heat source in our BloodWarmers. 

Q. Where can I get BloodWarmers for my outdoor sports supply?

A. BloodWarmers are available through our website. We are also working with many other suppliers to provide them at your local outdoor sports, hunting outfitters, mechanics supply, and emergency service suppliers. 

Q. Can BloobWarmers be reused? 

A. BloodWarmers external carrier can be reused over and over. However the heat source used may only be used once depending on how the source is made and its intended use. Refer to the heat source manufacturer on the reusability of the heat source.

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